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Your pesonal dust remover is here! The 3 top best vacuum cleaner brands


Back in the days when you were carrying out this big and heavy suction device, vacuuming used to be such a hassle. Vacuum cleaners were big, cumbersome and not very stylish. Cleaning dust was not that efficient way back then, and it cost a lot of your time. There comes a time when you desire, and even crave a better and more creative solution. You had the need for a better quality of life.


That was 30 years ago. Now in 2019, we are presented with a variety of choices that would surely propel us into the future. The consumer market is now flooded with options and brands which are competing to get your attention. To continue with that, let’s take a look at What is the best vacuum cleaner - Top vacuum cleaner reviews which are listed below, so read carefully!


1. Gator Lithium Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner


When mobility and ease of use is required, this handheld cordless vacuum cleaner will be your partner in crime. Designed with good performance intertwined with endurance in mind, the suction power on this vacuum makes cleaning carpeted floorings a breeze. To empty it, you only need to press a button and the dust cover will flip up allowing for easy disposal. A crevice tool is also included in the package for your convenience. You can pick it up at a very cheap price from your local supermarket.




2. Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum


This may not be  The Best Vacuum Cleaner but it is a great addition for those hard-to-reach spots. It will be a great compliment to your household cleaning force. Cordless and very flexible, hard-to-reach spots such as crevices and cramped spaces between doors and furniture become easily accessible.


This is especially true if you want to dust away the compartment of your vehicle (car, van, truck, plane, train, or even helicopter!) It is good for removing pet hair, insect carcasses and other miscellaneous grime.


The stick vacuum comes with its own wall mount. Put the product up on its mount and let it recharge and be ready for your next cleaning session. The Dyson V7 comes with many attachments and includes a combination and crevice tool. For pricing, Dyson follows the policy of “you pay for what you get” so consider that it will really fit into your budget. Again, there are still other options available.


3. Air Ram Cordless Vacuum Cleaner




The most impressive thing about this product is not just about the capabilities or how well it cleans but it is about its battery life. Yes, this cordless vacuum cleaner will run non-stop for up to 37 minutes at a time. It is also exceptionally quiet for the quality of getting things done, very flexible if you want to have a quiet living space. Talking about flexibility, it is designed to be able to rotate the handle flat to reach inaccessible places. On the flip side, the vacuum does not come with any attachments. You can pick this up at your local supermarket.


A final word


Vacuuming is a menial task that we don’t really think much about but it can give us a headache if we don’t know what we are doing. Picking the right appliance for the job (and for your pocket) will really ease up any stress that comes along with the dust of ages. A fair amount of functionality for a reasonable price will be the best choice always.



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